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I am a proponent of the humanities, a musician, and a developer. After graduating from college with a major in English and a minor in Italian, I pivoted towards computer programming. I firmly believe software should put humans first and I try to write readable, clean, and maintainable code.

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Patchcord is an app designed to connect musicians with their local community. It is built in Rails, and uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JQuery on the frontend.

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My portfolio site is an app built in Rails, using a Postgres Database. It uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JQuery on the frontend.

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Sorry, not Sorry is a Google Chrome Extension built in JavaScript. It counts the number of times you use the word "sorry" in an email.

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I built this site for Foundation for Letters, a non-profit in the Bronx. It uses HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and JavaScript.

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